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Data management in exa-scale computing and terabit networking era

Moderators: Surendra Byna and Mehmet Balman

Panel members:
  Richard Carlson, DoE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research
  Ann Chervenak, USC Information Sciences Institute
  Daniel S. Katz, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory
  Dhabaleswar Panda, Ohio State University
  Brian Tierney, ESnet/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Suggested questions:

* What has been the impact of recent advances on science discoveries and industry? Which of them were successful and which of them were simply a hype?

* What research challenges do you expect in exa-scale data management on terabit networks? If possible, please mention the challenges that require more than re-engineering existing tools?

* What applications need exa-scale computing and terabit networks? Please give a few examples. What is the scope of data management research on faster network?

* What are the performance problems in next-generation high-bandwidth networks? How do you think such problems will affect the applications performance?  

* How do applications accommodate next generation networks? What are the challenges for middleware developers to adapt exa-scale data management on terabit networks?

* What are the major challenges in network management in terms of provisioning capacity and path, performance monitoring and diagnosis tools?

Panel Summary:
Open Problems in Network-aware Data Management in Exa-scale Computing and Terabit Networking Era