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Accepted papers

paper 1: Wei Lin Guay, Sven-Arne Reinemo, Olav Lysne and Tor Skeie. dFtree - A Fat-tree Routing Algorithm using Dynamic Allocation of Virtual Lanes to Alleviate Congestion in InfiniBand Networks 
(Best Paper Award Winner) (slides, paper)

paper 15: Chunghan Lee, Hirotake Abe, Toshio Hirotsu and Kyoji Umemura. Predicting Network Throughput for Grid Applications on Network Virtualization Areas (Best Paper Honorable Mention) (slides, paper)

paper 5: Patrick Brown, Mengxia Zhu, Qishi Wu and Xukang Lu. Network-aware Data Movement Advisor  (slides, paper)

paper 7:  Esma Yildirim and Tevfik Kosar. Network-Aware End-to-End Data Throughput Optimization (slides, paper)

paper 10: Jason Zurawski, Eric Boyd, Tom Lehman, Shawn Mckee, Azher Mughal, Harvey Newman, Paul Sheldon, Steve Wolff and Xi Yang. Scientific Data Movement enabled by the DYNES Instrument (slides, paper)

paper 9: Edward Givelberg, Alexander Szalay, Kalin Kanov and Randal Burns. An Architecture for a Data-Intensive Computer (slides, paper)

paper 8: Jakob Blomer, Predrag Buncic and Thomas Fuhrmann. CernVM-FS -- Delivering Scientific Software to Globally Distributed Computing Resources (slides, paper)

paper 16: Ian Kelley and Ian Taylor. A Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Data-Intensive Cycle Sharing (slides, paper)

Panel summary:  Mehmet Balman and Surendra Byna, Open Problems in Network-aware Data Management in Exa-scale Computing and Terabit Networking Era (paper)