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Camera-Ready Instructions

This year, SC started creating a companion publication to the regular proceedings which will appear in the ACM digital library. Several other items such as presentation slides were also allowed to be included in the companion. Sheridan Printing oversees publication of the NDM'11 proceeding for ACM. Please see the link below for camera-ready instructions.


The page limit (including figures and references) is set to 10 pages for regular papers and  8 pages for short papers. You would also find information on how to submit your copyright release in these instructions.  You will soon receive a separate email about your submission id and submission link. If not, please fill the form at http://www.sheridanprinting.com/acm/sigarch/sigarch.cfm

The final deadline for authors' submissions has been set to November 27th. This is a firm deadline for the production of the proceedings. Early submissions are encouraged. Please submit your final version only. You might not have a chance to make any modifications after you upload the camera-ready. Please send a copy of your final paper (in pdf) to us by email before submitting your final copy to the Sheridan Printing site.